Tuesday, 15 May 2012

new additions to the flock

just brought home 2 new additions - a fabulous-looking Millefleur bantam cockerel (infertile) who was free and a silkie-cross bantam who will be a superb broody in time.  I'm hoping the presence of the cockerel will enable the warrens to emerge from their self-imposed shed life into the grass and loveliness of outside a little more.  I'm not looking to breed from the warrens but simply to enjoy the eggs and their tatty company so the cockerel's condition doesn't matter at all.  When the silkie is broody I'm going to put eggs under her from @slatehousefarm and have a whole extra flock of something else.  Struggling to post photos - blast!


  1. They sound lovely...what fun. Broody frizzle Joy is still broody but hatching eggs that I was being given were eaten by a jackdaw, so there's a slight hiatus on that front.
    Hope you can sort photos soon...I want to SEE :) xxx

  2. Hi! :) We had one of our Warrens go broody, popped some fertile eggs under her and now we have 2 chicks :)

  3. thanks for the encouragement! Warrens are wet and blown around today so no-one's getting broody anytime soon ;)