Friday, 8 June 2012

small triumph big challenge

small triumph:
the heavy rain is showing how good the ditch is that I dug some weeks back - the water is racing along it instead of making the field above the hens into a swimming pool.  Did more deepening of it today in the rain - just like a kid on the beach :))
big challenge:
I've never seen so many slugs in one small area.  Picked about 300 a couple of nights ago in only 10 minutes!  Losing seedlings fast - all spinach, courgettes, runner beans, welsh onions, parsnips :( despite organic anti-slug stuff and now relentless night-time slugging.  There must be zillions more to collect and put in brine, so I just hope collecting some will leave me a few veggies.  Replanted seeds in the tiny greenhouse to bring on and plant out later so we've something to eat.

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