Saturday, 28 April 2012


Moving house has meant moving compost, worms and all.  We brought 4 bags yesterday along with a load of stuff from the house in Gloucester and today was dry enough to work on the new veg bed getting out the weeds and then spreading the compost on top so the new worms will take it in to the soil.  The smallholding topsoil is only about 6 inches deep and below is the clay from which the house has been built so improving the soil is essential and with no chemicals it's down to compost and the worms.

It was a good job to do today since it was dry but very windy and cold with the wind racing in from the North-East.  We need warm drying days for the soil as much as for the washing!  I'm now looking forward to getting the hens set up to contribute to the compost bins here.  Today I could see that the leftover grain and hops from my brewing contributes massively to the quality of the compost, so I best get on with the brewing too.

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