Sunday, 22 April 2012

what drought?

Heavy rain, huge hail, brief sunshine for a few hours and my 59th birthday.  Been a week of getting to know people locally and our shared space.  Watched slaughter of 3 local sheep by man of skill and compassion and then ate some; had a birthday bash of beer, bread, cheese and cake in the parlour (no floor yet and candlelit) with near neighbours; foraged in hedges and shared it; been to local Welsh speaking chapel service and loved it for its 'cradling' of a non-welsh speaker; sat on a fallen branch in the stream and marvelled at the place on 'Earth Day'.  So I'll go to the local choir and see how I get on - it is a requirement to 'bring a bottle' so could be good :) and even if the singing doesn't work out I'll meet new folk.  And still it rains every day for part of the day but that seems mostly ok (now I've planted my spuds!

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