Saturday, 14 April 2012

new start

after finishing the day job on Easter Day I've been able to live fulltime from 12th April at the smallholding and begin the new life we've begun to fashion. Rob is still moving stuff from Gloucester but I'm here fulltime. Yesterday was easy because I've got to get the potatoes planted and so began the final prep of the bed for them, though falling down the caravan stairs into the pit below slowed me down and I didn't do more than finish the prep. Today it has rained and been cold and windy so no gardening and I've struggled to know what to do with the time. With nowhere yet ready to spread out at all it's hard to do more than look out of the window, try to keep warm and eventually go on a foraging walk for wild garlic - success! Garlic pasta tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Having disposed of so many zillion books, I'm wondering if a kindle would be against your principles? Mine comes with 3G forever which means that when you have a terrible longing to read something on a wet day, it's the work of seconds to order it...also means you can tweet freely...& takes no space. If it might work for you, please shout - as I couldn't work out a way to give you instant chickens when you went...but something to do on wet days might be worth having? Hope the sun shines today, though xxx