Tuesday, 17 April 2012

free food

Road kill pheasant found yesterday needs skinning and gutting ready to casserole - no oven so no roasting at present :-( - and today as we walked our fields we snacked on poor man's bread and cheese (hawthorn), dandelion flowers, pennywort, garlic mustard and sorrel leaves. 5 fruit and veg in a morning almost! The gorse in the hedge smells of coconut - there must be something to do with it eating-wise...

garlic mustard

On Friday last week I cut off my plait with kitchen scissors - bit of a hack really but now I'm a new woman with shortish hair! Can't find bluetooth kit or I'd upload a photo of plait which Rob wants to keep (creepy or what!).

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  1. Eeeep! That's quite dramatic...do you miss it at all? L & I were having a conversation about Victorian mourning jewellery made from hair only this morning (as you do...) but I'm not SURE that's the answer to Rob's wanting to keep the plait.
    Hope the pheasant is tasty :) xx